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Sports Cars, Classic Cars, Big Trucks, Whatever your driving,

Downtown Sounds has the right look and fit for your ride. 


Chrome, Powder Coated, Painted, Polished. 

Downtown Sounds has any finish that you want on your ride.

Car Audio


 Speakers Soundwaves psd93103




Do you want crisp, clear, precise sound in your ride? 

Or would you rather beat down the block with the most intense bass ever?


Which ever you fancy, Downtown Sounds has the equipment for you. 

From the top of the line to the affordable budget, We have what your ears need.

Remote Car Starters-Security





Looking to protect your new wheels or stereo?

Downtown Sounds has what you need and will install it for you.


If you are looking for a basic security alarm or if you are looking for the top of the line security with vehicular alerts,

Downtown Sounds has exactly what your looking for.

Window Tint



From 70%-5%, We can block the sun at any extent.

Downtown Sounds provides professional installation to any vehicle.

If the sun is a bother, you want privacy, or you just need to finish

off the look to your ride, Downtown Sounds will help you out.